Monday, 1 April 2013

Edge Diamonds

The word Illustration Friday gave me was "edge." Edge Diamonds is a fictitious corporation that I created based on that word. Corporate branding always starts around a good logo. For this logo I decided not to incorporate an actual diamond because thats what most people would do. I wanted to create an interesting symmetrical type of logo based only on the word "Edge." So thats exactly what I did.

The first step is always the thumbnails. This time it didn't take long to draw up some thumbnails because I had a good idea in my mind already.

The top thumbnail was the one that I decided to further develop. I really liked the symmetrical look of the logo.

I was happy with this logo because of the symmetry. I made it a very light colour paired with a thin font for the word "DIAMONDS" so that it would look good on a high contrast black business card. The card was the next step in the process. 

I am very proud of this business card. The diamonds and the logo draw your eye around the card until it lands on the information in the bottom corner.

The last step would be to create a website. The website that I created was just a mock up that I did in Illustrator.

This is a highly visual site which I think works very well. Its nice, clean design makes it an easy website to look at. This project was lots of fun and I think the result speaks for itself. 


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Storm Snowboarding

This week the word I decided to use was "Storm." I created a company profile for this word that I think works very well. The fictional company that I created is called "Storm Snowboarding" and is a company that makes snowboards, gear and clothing. The first thing I always do is sketch out some thumbnails.

I had another page of thumbnails but I lost them. From here I morphed two of these ideas and came up with a logo that looks like this. 

The lightning bolt through the "o" is quite effective especially because it is the centre letter. I was happy with the logo so I moved on to the card.

Personally I love this card. I put a stormy sky in the background that was semi transparent and I blew up the logo, cropped it and washed it out on the left side of the card. This card is attention grabbing and visually appealing. 
The last thing that was left to do was to create a website. I made a mock up website for this project. I used the same cloudy background motif for several elements of this design. 

I was very happy with the way that this turned out. I feel like the theme is consistent and the website shows a true passion for snowboarding.

Hope you enjoyed this blog,

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wing Aviation Technologies

This week the word that was chosen for Illustration Fridays was "Wing." I decided to create another company because I enjoy doing corporate branding type of design. The company I decided to create is called "Wing Aviation Technologies." This is a company that specializes in the design and production of high quality personal jets. My design process always begins with a logo. The logo is super important because it sets the tone for the rest of the design work.

First I began the thumbnails stage.

I decided that I liked one of these thumbnails so I redid it on Adobe Illustrator. This was the result.

After I made the logo I moved on the card. for the card I went with a fairly simple design that played off of the two toned elements of the logo.

The last step was the website. This was by far the most time consuming part of the whole project but the end result is very pleasing. I went with a simple setup and put all the links on the left side.

This is the final company profile that includes the card and the website

That is all I did for this company. I am very happy with the finished result. I hope you enjoyed this blog.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ocean Consulting

This week I created a fake company for a site called "Illustration Fridays." Every week they post a word and if you so desire you may create an illustration of whatever that word means to you. The word was, "Ocean" so I created a company called "Ocean Consulting." The first step in the process was to design a good logo. A logo is needed first because it pulls everything together and a certain consistency is achieved.

I started with some quick thumbnail sketches to gather some ideas.

This was a very fast process because I knew after just these four thumbnails what I wanted to do. This next picture will show the logo once it has been cleaned up and digitalized.

This is the Logo that I chose to go with for this company. The next step in the process was to create a business card. 

This is the card that I came up with. I began by placing the water texture image on the back. I then placed a semi transparent square that was the same colour as the logo to make the water look closer to the desired colour. I then placed a white square on top and made a compound path with the circles that I drew. I turned the white square into a gradient from white to transparent to make it fade out.

The next thing I did was create a website. After I did that I made a composition that included the card and the website. This helped to illustrate the business image that I tried to create. Creating corporate image and identity is something I am very interested in. This is why I chose to illustrate the word "Ocean" in terms of a consulting firm.

Here is the finished file that I submitted to Illustration Fridays.

Hopefully you enjoyed that blog. If you would like similar work done for you call me at: 519-532-1135